ANQ Congress 2018, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Claes Berlin participated in the Congress of the 16th ANQ Congress in August 2018
Expert QUBE, Claes Berlin, took part as one of the key-note speakers in the Congress of the 16th and Congress 2018, dedicated to business process management in the company.
The main topic of the presentation was thinking about how to move in the management of the company to the paradigm from "WHAT You do, to HOW You to it"!

Today, when competition is becoming more and more global, many players can offer similar products and services. The strength of the company lies not only in WHAT it provides but more and more HOW to operate both internally and externally meeting the market demands. A right process-oriented approach implies a focus on the "HOW", which also leads to the development of the brand and is the most important factor of competitiveness in the market.
The "WHAT" many can do, your "HOW" is unique – with focus on Your Processes.